Creative Lady Directory

We wanted to pop in and make sure we are supporting you in the best ways possible. This includes reminding you about our Creative Lady Directory!

Through this directory we promote the work of our community, foster increased client outreach, and most importantly creative collaborations, and friendships. We also use our directory to pick our next interviewees on Freelance Wisdom. We’d love to have you join!

Check out some kind words from our current members:

Laura Fischer | Creative Lady Directory

“I've had so many great clients from being in the directory! At least six...everyone has been wonderful to work with and had beautiful projects.”

- Laura, Front-end Developer

Megan Hampson | Letterform Creative | Creative Lady Directory

“Joining the Creative Lady Directory is one of the best investments I've made! It has landed me my highest paying client and every inquiry I receive is of the best quality.”

- Megan, Letterform Creative

Lindsay Jane Kelly | JANEMADE | Creative Lady Directory

“Not only have I been able to find other amazing women to partner with, I’ve had several clients find me from the site.”

- Lindsay, JANEMADE

Leslie Becker | Graphic Designer | Creative Lady Directory

“One of my biggest clients found me through here. They are about 80% of my current workload and are the client that pushed me into full-time freelancing from part-time freelancing. I also receive a ton of referrals to my portfolio site through the directory!”

-Leslie, Graphic Designer


Did you see we are also starting a Print Shop featuring your work? Check it out here to learn more and submit your work!